2nd January 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Kent, England – Anna Lee, MBE (aka Joan Boniface Winnifrith) –  screen actress from 1934 to 1989. Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1993.

World Affairs: In the First Balkan War – the Turkish cruiser Hamidiye sinks a Greek transport ship at Syros, also bombarding the island’s harbour. This action causes panic in Athens, and under the pressure of public opinion an order is sent to the Greek fleet, commanding it to “sail immediately in pursuit”.

Law and Order: The New Orleans “Times Democrat” reports “Few Juveniles arrested” in new year celebrations, but identifies one Louis Armstrong  – “a 12 year old negro” as the most serious case – for discharging a revolver on the corner of Rampart and Perdido streets. He is sentenced to serve time in the “Negro waif’s home”, where he subsequently learns to play trumpet.

Science and Technology: Newspaper reports that scientist Mr Carroll Riker of Brooklyn has a plan to melt the Northern Ice Cap by building a 200 mile jetty off Labrador to change the dominant temperature flows in the currents of the North Atlantic. Estimated cost $38million dollars – cheaper and easier than building the Panama Canal (which has been a work  in progress for 31 years but will not yet open for another year and a half).

Human Rights: After 20 years opposing discrimination against Indians in South Africa, English trained barrister Mahatma Ghandi leaves “Tolstoy Farm” where he has lived for several years with a diverse group including Gujaratis, Tamils, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Parsis and African families.

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