4th January 1913 (Saturday)

Born today  – Malietoa Tanumafili II (aka Susuga), Head of State in Samoa from 1962 until his death in 2007, when he was the oldest serving head of state in the world (aged 94).

World Affairs: Bulgaria gives notice to Turkey that it is terminating the armistice signed 3rd December to end the First Balkan War.

Warfare: Count Alfred von Schlieffen dies (aged 79) after bequeathing to Germany the notorious Schlieffen Plan designed to bring victory if Germany faces war simultaneously on two fronts – with France in the West and Russia in the East.

Science and technology: (Airships, Dover, Kent, UK). At about 5am, town employee John Hobbs sees an aircraft carrying a light (which, it is thought, makes it more likely to be an airship than an aeroplane), coming in from over the sea. It is moving very fast in a north-easterly direction, with strong winds coming from the west. He first hears the throb of its engines, which is also heard by police constable Pierce and a tradesman named Langley.

Human Rights: (in) the London Literary Review (a man) reports “The Ruin of the English suffragette movement”… “The militant woman-suffrage movement in England is dead.”


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