12th January 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY – in Randolph County, Alabama, T.L. Gilley, Jr, – second tenor and alto with the Gilley Quartet, singing Alabama seven shapenote (gospel) folk music. In 1979, his song “What a Morning That Will Be” was broadcast for six months in England. He died in 2007, on his 94th birthday.

High Finance: The NY Times discloses “Money Trust is now disclosed”, anticipating the findings of the Pujo Committee – a US congressional sub-committee investigating monopolist financiers who have taken control of the country’s finances. The committee subsequently reveals that a handful of men hold manipulative control of the New York Stock Exchange and have attempted to evade interstate trade laws. Regulation inevitably follows.

Human Rights: In Beirut, Salim Ali Salam is elected as the first executive officer of the Beirut Reform Movement, part of the wider movement for granting Arabs more autonomy within the Ottoman Empire.

Entertainment: the influential comic strip “Bringing up Father” (aka “Maggie and Jiggs”) launches in the US, destined to run for 87 years before finally closing in the year 2000.

Shipping News: In Halifax, Nova Scotia,  the steamer “Uranium” , runs aground  at Chebucto Head.


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