13th January 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY – Orbie Lee Orbison in Olistree, Oklahoma, father of singer Roy Orbison.

First Balkan War: Newly independent Albania establishes its own law enforcement agencies (police force and gendarmerie).

Human Rights: In Delhi, India, the British Government forcibly demolishes part of the walls of the Gurudwara Rakab Ganj, in order to build a straight road for the proposed new Government House, now that the capital has been transferred to Delhi. The special significance of the location to the Sikh community and the destruction of the walls leads to widespread Sikh unrest later in 1913.

Empire: The Ulster Volunteer Force is established by the Ulster Unionist Council in the north of Ireland as a counter force to the Irish movement for Home Rule (independence from Great Britain).

Transportation: In Dartford, UK,  a Vickers No 6 Monoplane – being tested after conversion into a biplane – crashes into the River Thames, killing both the pilot, Leslie McDonald, and his mechanic, Harry English.


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