18th January 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY, in Brooklyn, NY  – David Daniel Kaminsky – better known as Danny Kaye, American actor, singer, dancer and comedian. Died in 1987, aged 74.

First Balkan War: in the Battle of Lemnos, a Greek flotilla defeats the Ottoman Navy and secures the islands in the northern Aegean for Greece.

Extreme Weather: in the USA, devastating flooding continues across a wide area including the Ohio Valley District, the Green River in Kentucky, the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers, and the Wabash and White Rivers in Indiana and Illinois.

Disasters and accidents: The Liverpool Mercury reports “Two lives lost for a Dog: Distressing Fatality at Colwyn Bay” (North Wales). Jennie Robinson (23, a housemaid) and Elizabeth Gaskell (54, servant) both drown while trying to rescue their Mistress’s dog from rough seas. At the inquest, the Council recommends attaching a line to the life buoy, and inspecting it daily.

Science and technology: Thomas Edison predicts that books will soon be obsolete in schools because it is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge using motion pictures.

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