25th January 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY – Huang Hua, Foreign Minister of China from 1976-1982, who died in 2010, aged 97.

Society and culture: the USA introduces a literacy test for all incoming immigrants.

The Picture House cinema opens in Oxford Street, London, with 601 seats and standing room for another 63, and a ballroom in the basement.

Arms Race:

John Brown and company in Clydesdale (Scotland) launch HMS Ambuscade, a Royal Navy Destroyer. She will be sold for scrap after just eight years.

The Royal Australian Navy “lays down” HMAS Brisbane which will launch in December 1916 and see 20 years intermittent service before being sold for scrap in 1936. Also (on the same day) HMAS Torrens and HMAS Huon, which will be sunk by gunfire for target practice by the Australian Navy in 1930 and 1931 respectively. All three vessels (and various other Australian ships) will briefly see action in the Mediterranean during 1917.

The Illustrated London News publishes a fascinating picture of H.G.Wells and two friends (three middle aged gentlemen) playing “war games” in an english drawing room.

Colonial unrest: In Morocco, French forces based in Mogador successfully take control of the Kasbah of dar Aflous to improve the grip of the “French Protectorate”.


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