28th January 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY in Rastatt, Germany – Franz Gotz, German WW2 Luftwaffe fighter ace, who was awarded the  Iron Cross for extreme bravery in battle.

First Balkan War: The “Young Turks” vote against the surrender of Adrianople and the Aegean Islands, in accordance with the demands of the new leader, Enver Bey.

Empire:  Letsie II Lerotholi, Paramount Chief of the British Crown Colony of Basutoland (now Lesotho), dies, and is succeeded in due course by Nathaniel Griffith Lerotholi.

Arms Race: “HMS E4” – a British E class submarine – is commissioned. She will be attacked by a German airship in 1915 and then sink with the loss of all of her crew after colliding with another (British) submarine in 1916. Raised, repaired and re-commissioned, she will be sold for scrap in 1922.

Society and Culture: The Parramatta High School is established in New South Wales.

Congratulations, Parramatta High School!


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