29th January 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY, In Louisville, Kentucky – Victor Mature, famous US film actor whose film career ran for 45 years, from 1939 to 1984.

Women’s suffrage: The Morning Post reports that after a confrontation with police officers at the entrance to the (UK) House of Commons over 20 “suffragists” (sic) , including “General” Drummond and “Miss” Sylvia Pankhurst have been arrested. Following an incitement to “destroy property” windows have been smashed at the Home Office, the Treasury and other Government Departments. The assembled crowds [of men?] had been hostile to the suffragists (?suffragettes), and some had to be “put into cabs or assisted on to omnibuses when matters became threatening”.

Shipping news: The Greek cargo steamer, Aeolus SS, carrying coal from Newport (Wales) to Piraeus in Greece, runs aground and is wrecked on the Wolves Rocks in the Bristol Channel (UK).

Society and Culture: The Nedlands Primary School opens for 33 pupils in Western Australia.

Congratulations, Nedlands Primary School!



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