1st February 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY, in Manila, Philippines – the AZKALS (street dogs): The Philippines football team played their first international football fixture, losing 1-0 at home to the Republic of China.

First Balkan War: Turkey accepts the terms of the peace proposed by the “Great Powers”.

Ireland: In (London)Derry the Nationalist candidate (ie a member of the Irish Parliamentary party) narrowly defeats the Unionist candidate, which means that the Nationalists now hold a majority of seats in the nine counties of Ulster (later Northern Ireland).

Society and culture: In Sydney, NSW, Mother Cecilia and Sisters Virgilius, Zita, Francis de Sales and Clotilde set out on the steamer Orara, bound for the village of Coffs Harbour, half way to Brisbane. Two days from now the Catholic St Augustines  Primary School will open its doors for the first time.

Shipwrecks: The British cargo steamer, S.S. Haddon Hall runs aground and is wrecked north of Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

Suffragettes: In protest at (UK) Prime Minister Asquith’s “Manhood Suffrage Bill”, Leonora Cohen of the Leeds Women’s Social and Political Union produces an iron bar from under her coat while visiting the Tower of London and smashes a display case containing insignia of the Order of Merit. In the ensuing court case she is acquitted when it is established that the damage did not exceed the value of £5.


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