6th February 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Newark, New Jersey – Robert Seedlock, who led construction of the Burma Road in WW2, and later – in civilian life – supervised the building of Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

Transportation: At the Trevose Head lighthouse on the North Cornish coast (UK) a new fog signal enters service for the first time. The experimental form of a huge rectangular trumpet 36 feet wide, with an aperture 18 feet high, is designed to provide a wide horizontal spread of sound. It stays in service for fifty years.

Society and culture: At a committee meeting of the St Andrew’s Golf Club in Scotland, a Mr Dixon complains about the caretaker’s conduct and the cleanliness of the club. Another member points out that the state of the windows “gives one the idea the place is uninhabited” . The secretary is asked to advertise for a caretaker “married (with no encumbrances preferred)” at a salary of £40 per annum, together with a free house, coal and gas. The proposed treatment of the outgoing (?) caretaker is not minuted.

In Shahpur, Ahmedabad, India, Sir Chinubhai Madhowlal Ranchhodlal,  son of the the cotton baron Madhavlal Rachhodlal, becomes the first Runchoreal Baronet and the first Hindu Baronet of the United Kingdom.

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