10th February 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in London, England – Douglas Slocombe OBE, celebrated cinematographer whose career spanned  nearly 50 years (1940 to 1989) – BAFTA winner, 5 times British Society of Cinematographers Award Winner and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. His amazing filmography includes: 4 Ealing comedies (the Lavender Hill Mob, etc) in the late forties and early fifties; the Blue Max and the Lion in Winter (sixties); the Great Gatsby, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Rollerball (seventies); and the first three Indiana Jones films in the nineteen-eighties.

Happy 100th Birthday Mr Slocombe!

The Arms Race: Charles Rumney Samson, a British naval aviation pioneer, becomes the first person to fire a machine gun from an aeroplane in flight, while flying over the Isle of Sheppey in the Thames Estuary.

World Affairs:

In Tokyo, thousands of protesters, unhappy with political developments since the death of the Emperor Meiji during 1912 and concerned about increasing military involvement in constitutional government, riot close to the Diet building, set fire to police stations and vandalize pro-government newspaper offices.

In Mexico City: On the second of the “Ten Tragic Days” there is an uneasy standoff between President Madero and General Diaz, recently released from Prison during the disturbances where he was serving a sentence for earlier insurrection. Diaz controls the city armory, in which fortress he is using the government’s arms and ammunition to protect himself from government attack.


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