11th February 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY, in Budapest, twin capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – Eva Gabor, US Actress, star of sixties sit-com “Green acres”, and sister of Zsa Zsa.

World Affairs:

In Tokyo, Prime Minister Katsura and his cabinet resign after yesterday’s protest riots.

In Mexico City: On the third of the “Ten Tragic Days” government forces begin their bombardment of the rebel held armory, which provokes a heavy response causing significant damage in the City. Despite government reinforcements arriving, the US Ambassador to Mexico tells visitors and his own government in Washington that the Mexican government is close to collapse.

In Austria: Franz Schuhmeier, a socialist member of the Austrian parliament is assassinated at Vienna railway station.

Society and culture: The menace of children with hoops (a letter of complaint sent today to the London “Times”):


A serious and growing danger now attends riding in Hyde Park – that is, hooptrundling alongside and across the Row. An erratic hoop evades its small owner, dives under the railing into the Row, and falls under the feet of some unsuspecting pony, usually that of some child riding for security’s sake near the railing. With the best-mannered pony in the world, entanglement in a stout wooden or iron hoop means disaster.

On Saturday forenoon I saw two children, assisted by a governess, playing at rolling their hoops through a gap in the Row rails. They got them through at last, right under the legs of a small girl’s pony, almost bringing it down. On Saturday afternoon, another pony did not escape. My small daughter, aged 5, when galloping had her pony’s feet entangled in a hoop. There was a bad smash. She was carried home seriously injured.

The danger is recognised; there have been many complaints, but nothing is done. It is the old story of divided responsibility. The police and the Office of Works have overlapping jurisdiction. What is clear is that the Office of Works could deal with the matter by “a rule of the park” under the Parks Regulation Act, 1872, and if such a rule were made, the police could enforce it.

I am,
Yours faithfully,


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