13th February 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud (Khalid, “son of Abdulaziz the Saud”). Future King of Saudi Arabia (1975-1982). Commemorated in various ways after his death, including through a wonderful international airport just north of Riyadh.

World Affairs: After invasion by Chinese Manchu forces, the Tibetans drive out the invaders and declare their independence.

In Mexico City, the battle between government and opposition forces continues throughout the fifth of the “Ten Tragic Days” of the Mexican Revolution.

Society and Culture: Mary Harris Jones, 83 year old labor activist, is arrested in Charleston, West Virginia during the mine confrontations and later sentenced under military law to three years in prison.

Shipping News: Off the coast of Norfolk (UK) the steamships “London” and “Edingurgh” collide, with the loss of the Edinburgh and her four crewmen. Meanwhile, off the North Oregon coast, the barque “Mimi” runs aground in fog on the Nehalem Spit and capsizes in the salvage operation with 17 deaths.

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