15th February 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY, In Antwerp – Willy Vandersteen, Belgian (Flemish) creator of comic books.

World Affairs:  In Mexico City, President Madero is put under intense pressure to resign by a coalition of US, British, Spanish and German diplomats. He refuses, pointing out that he is the constitutional President, and that foreign diplomats have no right to interfere in domestic affairs. Meanwhile Emilio Vasquez Gomez, an unsuccessful opponent to Madero in the 1910 elections, crosses the border from the USA with the intention of taking over control of Mexico.

Science and Technology: At Brooklands motor racing circuit, in Surrey, England, Percy Lambert becomes the first man ever to drive over 100 miles in 1 hour, with a total distance of 104 miles, driving a Talbot motor car.

Society and Culture: In China, the Minister of Education opens the “conference on the inification of pronunciation”, an early attempt to bring standardization to the languages of China.

Birmingham (UK) Repertory Theatre opens its door for the first time with a production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”.


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