17th February 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in Sarajevo (then) in the Austro-Hungarian Empire – Oskar Danon, Bosnian Jewish conductor and composer, Professor at the Belgrade music academy and president of the Association of Musical Arts of Serbia. Died in Belgrade in 2009, aged 96.

World Affairs: The US President provides assurances to President Madero of Mexico that the US has no plans to interfere in the Mexican Revolution except to protect the lives of US citizens. Meanwhile, south of the border US Ambassador Wilson communicates that General Huerta has communicated that President Madero will be removed from power imminently.

Science and Technology: In Columbus Ohio, a speed test is held by the city’s fire department between four of the best horse drawn fire engines and a new motor driven apparatus. In a three mile race the new technology proves to be around twice as fast, and the city places early orders for the new machines.

The US Army tests its first “automatic pilot” device which is called a gyrostabiliser by its inventor, Lawrence Sperry.

Labour Relations: The State of Oregon becomes the first ever US State to introduce a minimum wage law.

Society & Culture: At the 69th Regiment Armory in New York CIty, the “International Exhibition of Modern Art” provides US Citizens with a first major viewing of hundreds of avant garde paintings and sculptures etc. This exhibition (“the Armory Show”) wil come to be seen as the introduction of modern art to America.

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