18th February 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY, in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany – Artur Axmann, Hitler Youth Leader (1940-1945). Died 1996, aged 83.

World Affairs – In Mexico, on the last of the “Ten Tragic Days”, the constitutionally elected President (Madero) and Vice-President (Pino-Suarez) are ousted by federal troops and General Victor Huerta becomes Mexico’s new leader.

Society and Culture – the US Congress passes the Webb-Kenyon Act which effectively provides a federal government endorsement for each state to control the way in which alcoholic beverages are brought into states, and subsequently distributed and consumed.

Disasters and accidents: At the Cobalt Lake Silver Mine in Ontario, Canada, Nicholas Giani, a 28 year old married trammer (someone who operates a tram carrying ore or waste material) meets an untimely death in the cage in Number 4 shaft after entering the cage from the wrong side in a hurry to return to the surface. The coroner’s verdict is that his death is the result of an accident caused through disobeying orders in boarding the cage on the wrong side.


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