19th February 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY, at  Nagybocskó, Máramaros County (then in Hungary, but now in North West Romania and Western Ukraine) – Janos Balogh, Szechenyi Prize winning zoologist, ecologist, professor and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In the following year, Janos’ father was reported missing, presumed dead, after the Battle of Pržemysl (1914), and his mother died in the “spanish” influenza epidemic in 1919.

Suffragettes – in Surrey, England, a house being built for Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is bombed. A motor car (registration “P8487”) is seen leaving (or near?) the scene shortly before the early morning bombing. Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst is later arrested for the offence.

Meanwhile two members of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) – Olive Wharry and Lillian Lenton are arrested today shortly after setting fire to the Tea Pavilion in Kew Gardens (In London).

Society and Culture: In Balmain, New South Wales, Eugenia Falleni (known in later sequence as Eugene Falleni, Harry Crawford and Jean Ford), a female to male transgender woman, marries Annie Birkett, a widow, without disclosing her gender odyssey. In 1920, at Crawford’s trial for Annie’s murder, the so-called “Man-woman case” creates a press frenzy.


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