2nd March 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY, in Cienfuegos, Cuba – Celedenio Romero, guitarist, composer, poet and founder of the Romeros guitar quartet.

First Balkan War: With the arrival of the Greek Army, the Island of Samos becomes a part of Greece, liberated from Ottoman Turkish rule.

World Affairs: US soldiers accidentally invade Mexico when they pursue Mexican Army troops after a border skirmish in Douglas, Arizona.

Women’s suffrage: in St Petersburg, Imperial Russia’s capital, Russian women observe their first International Women’s Day, demonstrating for the right to vote.

Public Health: The “Tombstone Epitaph” in Arizona, USA, reports a “Spinal meningitis epidemic in Bisbee” with the sub-headline “Much alarm felt at Big Copper Camp – all public places and schools ordered closed”.

Society and culture: Mr Karl Behr marries Miss Helen Newsom at the Church of the Transfiguration in New York City. Both are survivors of the Titanic Disaster which took place a little under one year ago.


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