3rd March 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in Northern Schleswig (then part of Germany – now South Jutland, in Denmark) – Helmuth Ellgaard, German illustrator, artist and war correspondent, including at the Battle of Britain.

Women’s suffrage: In Washington DC, at the conclusion of the women’s suffrage hike, a group of 8000 supporters of the cause marching down Pennsylvania Avenue is besieged and attacked by a hostile mob.

Accidents and disasters: In Swavesey, on the Greenwich Meridian, in Cambridgeshire (UK) a spark from a cottage chimney blows into the thatched roof and catches the cottage alight. Before the fire engine arrives a strong wind carries the fire to nearby properties. Within an hour 28 thatched cottages are destroyed and 63 people made homeless. Fortunately, no-one is killed, but less happily eight widows aged over 70 all lose their homes.

The Bendigo advertiser, in Victoria, Australia, reports the sad death of 3 year old Merbein Lowe, the first child ever born in the Merbein settlement. With her parents both poorly and hospitalized, she has been in the care of an aunt, but was “knocked down by a buggy on Saturday night…and death was instantaneous”.


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