6th March 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Yoshino-gun village in ShimokitayamaNara, Japan – Kason Sugioka, Calligrapher and Winner of the Japanese Order of Culture (文化勲章 Bunka-kunshō). 

First Balkan War: At the Battle of Bizani in Epirus (modern Greece), turkish forces are cut off by a successful greek advance, and separated from the rest of the Ottoman army. Esat Pasha negotiates a surrender by the Turks late on March 6th.

World Affairs: In Mexico, the revolutionary Pancho Villa returns from exile in the USA with a plan to rebuild his army and overthrow the recently self promoted President, General Huerta.

Celebrations begin for the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. In 4 years they will be swept away by the Bolshevik Revolution.

Society and Culture: Fire destroys thatched cottages at Newbold-on-Stour in Warwickshire (UK).

Women’s suffrage: In response to a question in the UK House of Commons, the Secretary of State for the Home Department explains that

“Fifteen women suffragist prisoners are now in prison, of whom ten are taking their food, three are being fed by tube, and one by cup, and one, who was received into prison last night, is refusing to take her food. Seven are in the prison infirmary—one on account of illness, two for purposes of observation, and four to facilitate the process of feeding. With the consent of the House, I should be glad to take this opportunity of giving full particulars as to the suffragist prisoners received into prison since the beginning of the year. They number fifty-five, including four men. Of these, thirty-two were released on expiration of sentence, or on payment of fine, or on bail at expiration of remand. Three of these thirty-two were fed forcibly; all the others took their food. Fifteen women, as I have already stated, and one man, are still in prison. There remain seven prisoners who have been released out of ordinary course because they refused food and were suffering from serious illness—four from heart disease, one from pleurisy, one from tuberculosis, and one was a paralytic, with a weak heart. Two of these prisoners were untried and may be rearrested.” [As reported in Hansard].

Music and entertainment: the San Francisco Bulletin uses the term “jazz” (believed to be the first appearance of the word in print).


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