8th March 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY, in Kabylia, a Berber-speaking region in Algeria – Mouloud Feraoun, popular Algerian novelist who was assassinated a few days before the Algerian War of independence from France, by a colonial terrorist organisation.

Arms Race:The German  Imperial Navy launches the SMS Wolf, an auxiliary cruiser or “merchant raider”, equipped with six guns and 450 mines to be dropped outside enemy ports. Her mines will be effective as far afield as Australia’s southern coast during the coming years.

Womens Suffrage: Norway introduces Universal Suffrage (ie giving women the vote). Meanwhile womankind in an increasing number of countries celebrate the fifth annual International Women’s Day

Society and Culture: The Sheffield Independent announces the first UK appearance, at the “Rostock Jungle” of Fitz, the amazing boxing kangaroo. Fitz has just arrived in England on the steamship Aurania, from Buenos Aires.

In Milan, the Teatro alla Scala is officially inaugurated.

In Farnham, Surrey (UK) the “Electric Theatre” (actually a 618 seat cinema) opens for business. In 1917 it will be renamed the Palace Cinema.

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