12th March 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY, in Pola in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Pula, in Croatia)   – Agathe Johanna Erwina Gobertina von Trapp, member of a famous musical family who rented out their house in Austria, walked to to the local railway station and emigrated in 1938.

First Balkan War: The Ottoman cruiser “Hamidiye” destroys six greek merchant ships and damages an austrian one, and shells a serbian encampment at San Giovanni di Medua, before escaping the greek navy and sailing for Egypt.

Society and Culture: Lady Denman, wife of the Governor-General of News South Wales, officiates at an official ceremony to celebrate the official naming of the new City of Canberra. Canberra Day is now a public holiday held on the second Monday in March each year.

Plans are announced by the British Prime Minister to reform the House of Lords and to take away its veto power and to abolish the hereditary succession of Peers.

Arms Race: The Arethusa class light cruiser “HMS Phaeton” is laid down at the Vockers shipbuilding yard in Barrow-in Furness (then in Lancashire, now in Cumbria), UK.

Transportation: In mysterious circumstances in Kaputh, near Potsdam in Germany peasant women report that an airship has caught fire, exploded and fallen to earth. Fire brigades and soldiers are despatched overnight to search for the wreckage but despite an extensive search, nothing is found. The witnesses insist that their story is true.


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