21st March 1913 (Good Friday)

BORN TODAY, in Rotherham, England – Ordinary Seaman Bennett Southwell GC, posthumously awarded the George Cross after being killed on bomb disposal duty in Hoxton, London during the blitz, on 17th October 1940.

Also: Sabiha Gökçen, one of the adopted daughters of Mustafa Kamal Atatürk, founder and first President of Turkey. After enrolling and training in a military academy she flew bomber plans, becoming the first female Turkish aviatrix and (apparently) the world’s first female combat pilot.

World Affairs: Constantine I takes the oath of office as the new King of Greece.

Extreme Weather: In Dayton, Ohio, a storm arrives which will bring death and destruction over the Easter weekend.

Into Africa: Albert Schweitzer and his wife Helene leave their home in Gunsbach in Alsace bound for Lambarene in Gabon.

Accidents: In Smallburgh, Norfolk, UK – Eva Abigail, aged 10, drowns while trying to save her 6 year old brother, Reggie, who has been caught by the wheel of a water mill and dragged into the well of the mill. Reggie is saved, but severely injured.

In pursuit of spring: the Anglo-Welsh essayist and poet, Edward Thomas, sets off on a bicycle from Clapham in South London to the Quantock hills in England’s West Country “In Pursuit of Spring”. Currently (1913) an essayist, he will turn to poetry in 1914, enlist in the British army in 1915, and be killed at the Battle of Arras soon after arriving in France in 1917.


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