22nd March 1913 (Easter Saturday)

BORN TODAY, in Cleveland, Ohio – Louis Robert (“Lew”) Wasserman, Chairman and CEO of MCA Inc (Music Corporation of America) for many decades. Died in Beverley Hills, 2002.

Arms Race: In France, the Brumaire Class submarine “Franklin” is launched. It will be scrapped in 1922.

Science and technology: Transatlantic wireless communication is achieved between Maryland, USA and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Society ands Culture: The British government in India bans the import (into India) of an anti-British newspaper “El Islam”, which supports the cause of Abdul Hafiz Mohamed Barkatullah (honorific, Maulana Barkatullah)  whose 1912 paper “Christian Combination against Islam” has urged muslims to support the German Kaiser against Anglo-Saxon “sea wolves”.

Infamous Crimes: Hyam Hyams dies of exhaustion and cardio-vascular degeneration In the Colney Hatch lunatic asylum, North London, where has been incarcerated (with brief intervals elsewhere) since 1889. Known for his violent record in the East End of London in the 1880s he was one of a long list of suspects for the notorious “Jack the Ripper” killings.


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