23rd March 1913 (The earliest Easter Sunday in the twentieth, twenty first and twenty second centuries)

BORN TODAY, in Bremen Germany – Heinz Linge, Hitler’s valet. Imprisoned by the Soviets for 10 years and released in 1955.

World Affairs: In Mexico, the “Plan of Gaudalupe” is drafted – a manifesto to the nation. In it, Venustiano Carrnaza declares the illegality of the dictator Huerta’s position and rallies the Mexican people to take up arms in opposition to the recent coup.

Extreme Weather: Tornadoes sweep through Omaha, Nebraska, killing 150 people. As the storm activity moves east over the next few days it will kill over 1000 people, making it one of the most devastating natural disasters in US history.

Meanwhile, eleven hundred kilometres to the east, in Dayton, Ohio, a third day of storms is building towards a historic climax in two days time, which will bring flood waters 6 metres deep to parts of downtown Dayton.

In the UK, Worthing Pier in the South Coast resort, is wrecked by a storm, leaving its southern portion cut-off from the land.


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