30th March 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY, in Victoria on the Island of Gozo, Malta – Vincent “Censu” Tabone, 4th President of Malta (1989-1994). He died in 2012, shortly after celebrating his 70th Wedding Anniversary and less than a month before his 99th birthday. He was survived by his wife, eight children, nineteen grandchildren and twenty-four great grandchildren.

Art, Literature and Society: The English author, D.H. Lawrence brings to an end his 6 month stay in Gargnano, on Lake Garda in Italy, where he has been staying with his lover Frieda von Richtofen, the wife of his French Professor at Nottingham University. Lawrence later describes his lake-side escape from the industrialisation of the english midlands as “paradise”, where he finishes “Sons and Lovers” works on “Women in Love” and starts “The Rainbow”.

Arms Race: Meanwhile, 160 miles away at La Spezia naval yard, the Regia Marina (royal Navy)  is launching the battleship Andrea Doria, named after a sixteenth century Genoese admiral.

Sport: In an early game-rigging scandal, the English Football Association starts a two week enquiry into whether the recent match between Liverpool and Chelsea football clubs has been rigged.


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