31st March 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in Oldham, England – Walter Winterbottom CBE, first manager of the England Football Team (1946-1962).

DIED TODAY, (both) in Rome, Italy – John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, financier, philanthropist, collector etc, etc, and The Honourable Sidney Herbert 14th Earl of Pembroke, 11th Earl of Mongomery GCVO PC, British Politician and Peer.

Arms Race: The French Navy launches the destroyer “Chalon-sur-Saone”

The Danish Royal Navy launches the Havmanden class submarine “Triton”, built by Whitehead & Co in Fiume (then in Austria-Hungary, now in Croatia).

Law and Order: Sergeant Crouch, aged 33,  of the Wiltshire (UK) police force is shot dead by a police constable Crouch has reported, before the assassin turns the gun on himself.

In the adjoining county of Dorset, in the village of Gussage St Michael, 24 year old Winifred Mitchell is murdered and buried in a pre-prepared shallow grave which two young boys had observed in the woods the previous day.

Society and Culture: The first meeting of the Hindi Association of the (US) Pacific Coast takes place in Bridal Veil, Oregon. It is more popularly known as the Ghadr (rebellion) Party.

Scottish born communist and political activist Jack Miles arrives in Brisbane having emigrated to Queensland with his wife, Elizabeth.

In Mumbai, India, the British authorities lay the foundation stone for the “Gateway of India”, a monumental memorial in Indo-Saracenic style to commemorate the landing, at that spot, of King George V of Britain and Ireland and his consort, Queen Elizabeth, two years earlier.

Music and entertainment: In Vienna, at a first night concert performance, fights break out between the audience and members of the Vienna Orchestra, bringing the concert to a premature close and earning it the title of “skandalkonzert”.


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