10th April 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan – Yoshio Fukui, ace fighter pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy who fought in both the second Sino-Japanese War and in the Pacific theatre in WW2.

Empire, Human Rights and Labour Relations: In Fiji, an incident (“Kunti’s cry”) between an indentured female Indian labourer and the plantation overseer sparks an intense campaign to stop the importation of indentured labourers and the degredation of Indian women on colonial plantations. Kunti becomes a national hero after her case is published in the Indian language Fijian press.

Shipping news: The S.S Katoomba is launched today by Harland & Wolff in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has been built for passenger service around Australia, will be requisitioned as a troopship in May 1918 and again in February 1942, sold to a Greek shipping company and renamed “Columbia” in 1949, laid up in Piraeus in 1958 and scrapped in Nagasaki in 1959.

The “Butty” (narrow boat) “Kildare” is gauged at Smethwick, UK, for use on England’s industrial canals at a cost of 190  english pounds. She will carry timber, road-stones, coal, zinc, and occasionally foodstuffs (soy, dates), powered by horses on the tow path, and will serve both commercial and (later) recreational purposes until 1991 when she will be acquired by the Black Country Living Museum in the English Midlands at the heart of the industrial canal network.


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