14th April 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in Grgar, Gorizia, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Nova Gorica, Slovenia) – Vladimir Pavsic (pen name – Matej Bor), poet, translator, journalist, partisan and playwright. Writer of battlesongs, including “Hey, Brigades” which became the unofficial anthem of the Slovene partisans during WW2.

Women’s suffrage: In the UK Houses of Parliament, Mr Keir Hardie, for Her Majesty’s Opposition, questions  the Secretary of State for the Home Department why Miss Margaret Llewhellin, a young girl who broke a window in the house of a government official and caused 2 shillings and  sixpence worth of damage, was punished with costs and fines of over £4, or a seven day prison term, while a man who broke  a window at the headquarters of the Women’s Social & Political union offices, causing the same amount of damage was fined only 5 shillings. [Hansard].

Society and Culture: In Belgium 200,000  men strike in protest over the government’s failure to abolish the “plural vote” system.

V.I.Lenin  publishes “Civilized Europeans and Savage Asians” in Pravda.

Faik Pasha, Ottoman General and Grand Master of Freemasonry in the Ottoman Empire ends his reign as the Most Worshipful Grand Master. In a little over two years (August 1916) he will be killed by a bullet while commanding the II Corps in the Caucasus Campaign.

Exploration – the UK’s Royal Geographical Society opens the doors to its new Headquarters, Lowther Lodge,  in London’s Kensington Gore.


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