18th April 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) – Harold St. Elmo Bogaars of the famous (?) Bogaars family of Ceylon. His ancestor Henricus Ezechiel Bogaars  was born at Zierikzee in Holland (the Netherlands) and arrived in Ceylon in 1785, one hundred and twenty eight years before Harold’s birth.

Henricus Ezechiel died in 1811 and his son Hendrikus Marinus Bogaars who was born in 1789, died in 1838. Another Henricus Ezekiel Bogaars was born in 1832. A relative, Charles Llewellyn Bogaars was born  in 1848, and his son (another) Charles Llewellyn Bogaars (born 1873) was Harold St Elmo’s father. Unfortunately the internet does not divulge what all these Bogaars were doing in Ceylon.

Arms Race: HMS Nottingham, a town class light cruiser, is launched at Pembroke in Wales. She will survive for a little over 3 years until being sunk by German UBoat U-52 on 19th August 1916.

Also today, the French Navy lays down two Normandie class battleships: the “Normandie” in St Nazaire and the “Languedoc” in Lorient. Both will be scrapped during the late 1920s.

Society and culture: The first Indian (silent) feature film ““Raja Harishchandra” enjoys its premiere before its general release early in May.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that In Leeton, New South Wales,  “the heart of SunRice country”, author Sir Rider Haggard will officially open the new butter factory on Thursday 24th April.

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