20th April 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY, in Durrhennersdorf, upper Lusatia (now Saxony – just in Germany) – Willi Hennig, who shuffled the evolutionary pack by founding phylogenetic systematics (marginally?) better known as cladistics. Rarely, if ever, can a dipterans specialist and military entomologist (malaria swatter) have had such a seismic impact on the natural world, although I guess there may be others who have saved more lives.

Also Born today: The Romanian fair force, Corpul Aerian Romana.

Arms Race: The French battleship “Provence” is launched at the Arsenal de Lorient.

Society and Culture: In Levin, South Island, New Zealand, George Adkin – a farmworker – spends his day on his hobby of photography after recently visiting “HMS Wellington” as a sightseer. In the evening he meets his sweetheart at the local church service and arranges to take her to the pictures tomorrow evening.

In London, young men from the Victoria Working Boys Club enjoy a sunday river trip outing from London bridge to Hampton Court and back, held in honour of the upcoming marriage of Mr C.R Sebag-Montefiore and Miss de Pass.

In Rathmines (now a suburb of Dublin) Ireland, C.P Fitzgerald and friends meet and decide to form the Rathmines and Rathgar musical Society.

World Affairs: The Walloon Assembly of the Province of Wallonia in Southern (french speaking) Belgium chooses the Rooster as its regional emblem.

Migration: Joseph Pepo Grezeetich arrives in New York, from Croatia, via Southampton. He is on his way to join a former neighbour in California.

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