7th May 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY, in Freiburg, Germany and Edinburgh Scotland – Hans Temming and James Rankin. Respectively a Captain Lieutenant in the German Navy and a Squadron Leader in the British Royal Air Force. Both were decorated for bravery during WW2.

Also – in London – 14th Baronet, Sir Colville Herbert Sandford Barclay, educated at Eton and Trinity College Oxford, Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, active in commando operations along the French coast in the early 1940s.

Also – In Logansport, Louisiana – John Spencer Hardy, a lieutenant general who served as US Army Air Corps Chief of Operations in the Mediterranean in the early 1940s.

Also “Hurry On”, an undefeated thoroughbred English racehorse.

Water-borne: The British Royal Navy launches “HMS Birmingham”.  The Spanish Navy launches the battleship “Alfonso XIII”. The British Navy relaunches “HMS Hermes” which has been re-fitted as that country’s first ever seaplane carrier.

Stillborn:  the Parliament of Britain and Ireland rejects women’s right to vote.


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