15th May 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: In Auckland, New Zealand – Charles Reilly, volunteer for air crew duties in 1939 who trained at Weraroa in 1940 before sailing for the UK the same year. After training in Uxbridge and other locations in the UK, he was transferred to Palestine. Eight days after his arrival he took off for a night flight to Crete. Radio contact was lost in the early hours of 28th October1942, and he (aged 29) and the crew were officially presumed lost at that date…

Accidents: In Glendevon, Scotland, shale miner Charles McQueen is killed from an underground fall of shale.

World Affairs: Major Herbert Garland, a British scientist, soldier and explosives expert, is elected a Fellow of the (British) Chemical Society. At the outbreak of war he will join the “Arab Bureau” and operate alongside T.E Lawrence supporting bedouin insurgency against the Turks in Western Arabia. Lawrence once commented: “Garland is much more use than I could be… he is an expert on explosives and machinery. He digs their trenches, teaches them musketry, machine gun work, signalling, gets on with them exceedingly well and always makes the best of things and they all like him too”. [Daily Telegraph, 20 July 2010].



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