17th May 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: Walter Guimares, Brazilian Footballer who represented his country in the 1934 FIFA World Cup Finals in Italy.

Women’s Suffrage: Britain’s “Gentleman’s Journal” publishes an article entitled “Votes for Babies”

Now that it is pretty well assured that women will vote, it is time to arouse public sentiment in favour of Votes for Babies. The awful state of our Government shouts aloud for the infant suffrage … Let the babies vote! … For that matter let the cows vote.

Society and Culture: Princess Victoria Elizabeth Marie Ulrike of Prussia, eldest daughter of Prince Frederich Leopold marries Prince Heinrich XXXIII of the House of Reuss, a member of one of the oldest reigning houses in Europe. They will divorce in 1922 and she will die in 1923, following which he will marry an American widow in 1929.

In Blackpool UK,  a popular holiday resort – the Central Beach cinema opens. Today the building serves as an amusement arcade, with a Bier Keller in the basement.


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