3rd June 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY:  in South Devon, England – Brixham Bowling Club: strictly men only – the ladies will have to wait until 1952 before they can join.

Society and culture: Mirza Ghulam Samdani is awarded the Indian Title Badge, third class (muslim type). According to the (UK) National Army Museum web-site:

“Indian Title Badges were announced at the Delhi Durbar in 1911 and first issued in 1912. The badges were awarded in three classes to civilians and Viceroy’s Commissioned Officers of the Indian Army for faithful service or acts of public welfare. Recipients proceeded from the lowest class to a higher one, and each was accompanied by a distinctive title, inscribed upon the badge, differing according to whether the recipient was a Muslim, Hindu or Sikh.

Thus 1st Class holders received the title: Diwan Bahadur (Muslim) or Sardar Bahadur (Hindu or Sikh); 2nd Class holders, Khan Bahadur (Muslim) or Rao Bahadur (Hindu or Sikh) and recipients of the 3rd Class, Khan Sahib (Muslim), Rao Sahib (Hindu or Sikh) or Sardar Sahib (Sikhs only)”.

[National Army Museum – http://www.nam.ac.uk/ ].

Women’s suffrage: Emily Wilding Davison and a friend decide to attend tomorrow’s famous Derby horse-race and disupt the race by waving the WSPU colours in front of the racing horses.

Oysters: An ornithologist captures and then releases the last confirmed Canary Island Oystercatcher Haematopus meadewaldoi, since believed to be extinct.  Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Igor Stravinsky eat oysters for dinner and then fall ill with typhus for a month.


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