11th June 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in Brooklyn, New York – Vince Lombardi, American football player and coach. “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing”.

Also, at Fontanelle in Romania, Walter Adolph, Luftwaffe Ace who served with the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War (from autumn 1937 until spring 1938), successfully destroying a Republican (Soviet sourced) Polikarpov I-15 fighter biplane. Later a successful fighter pilot in East Prussia (1939) and then over Belgium and the English Channel/ La Manche during 1939/41. Shot down in late September 1941 (aged 28) and his body recovered on a Belgian beach in early October 1941.

World Affairs: In Constantinople, the Grand Vizier (First Minister) Mahmud Shevket Pasha is assassinated in a drive-by shooting while travelling through the city.

In the Philippines the US Army, supported by local police and military forces, begin the 5 day Battle of Bud Bagsak to root our Moro warrior insurgents. The insurrection has been ongoing for the last 14 years.

Society and Culture: At Denison University, Ohio, Kent Pfeiffer is expelled from school and ordered out of town for his part in harrassing Stuart Collett, a 25 year old British immigrant who survived the Titanic catastrophe last year. Kent and five  masked unidentified colleagues branded Stuart on the forehead using nitrate of silver, disfiguring him for life, because he would not mix with other students.



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