14th June 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: In Whitechapel, East London, to Polish and Romanian parents, Solomon Schwartz, better known  as Stanley Black, OBE, English pianist, bandleader, composer and conductor. Died in London in 2002, aged 89.

Women’s suffrage: At St George’s Church in Bloomsbury, London, a memorial service for Emily Wilding Davison, who died after throwing herself in front of the King’s Horse at the Epsom Derby, attracts large crowds to pay their respects. Six thousand women dressed in white parade in honour of their fallen comrade.

Arms Race: The German Imperial Navy launches the battlecruiser “Defflinger”.

Society and Culture: South Africa passes an Immigration Act restricting the movement of Asians and preventing immigration  from (for example) India.

King’s College, Queensland, founded in 1912 and admitting students since March 1913, is officially opened at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, on the same day that electric lighting comes to the town of Hamley Bridge, in South Australia.

Exploration: The “Terra Nova” in which Captain Scott made his ill fated South Pole journey, returns to Cardiff where she is greeted by large crowds.

Accidents: Beneath Fifty sixth Street in New York City, eleven workers die when a subway collapses during construction.


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