15th June 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: In Bedford, England – Sir (Ernest Urban) Trevor Huddleston, Anglican Archbishop of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean (1978-1983) and anti-apartheid campaigner. “No white person has done more for South Africa than Trevor Huddleston” [Nelson Mandela].

World Affairs: US and Philippine forces at the Battle of Bud Bagsak in the Philippines finally defeat the Moro insurgents they have been at war with for over a decade.

Science, technology and transport: Austria Hungary’s Royal Imperial Postal Service introduces 29 electic powered Daimler-Tudor vehicles as part of its modern delivery fleet.

Shipping news: Originally out of Amlwch in North Wales, the three-masted schooner Greyhound, transporting guano in the Mauritius islands, strikes a reef at Raphael Island while carrying 206 tons of guano from Albatross Island. All eighteen people on board manage to reach safety, for once disproving the old mariners’ superstition that associating with an albatross can land you deep in it.

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