1st July 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY – the German Naval Air Arm and the Dutch Army Aviation Department

At Puck air-station north of Gdansk (then in German West Prussia, now in Poland) Germany establishes its Naval Air Arm, the Marineflieger-Abteilung.

On the same day, at Soesterberg airfield in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands establishes the aviation department of the Dutch Army, the Luchtvaartafdeling.

Second Balkan War: Serbia and Greece declare war on Bulgaria. The Greek army “liberates” the town of Drama from the Bulgarians.

Empire: in the British “Protectorate” of Zanzibar, control passes from the Foreign Office (in London) to the Colonial Office (in London).

Extreme Weather: Britain is suffering from a heat wave. The London “Telegraph” (newspaper) shows a photograph of gentlemen in suits, waistcoats and high winged collars and ties sitting in the sunshine with their heads shaded by newspapers.

Fashion: the new edition of “Vogue” carries a front page picture of the “Lampshade Dress”, later described as a “turning point” in the history of fashion.

Transportation: In the USA, “a group of automobile enthusiasts and industry officials establish the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) ‘to procure the establishment of a continuous improved highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, open to lawful traffic of all description without toll charges’. ”



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