8th July 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: In Paris – Pierre-Laurent Brenot, artist, advertiser, poster illustrator, fashionisto and father of the “French pin-up”.

Arms Race: German Zeppelin LZ20 makes it first flight. It will be used by the German army for reconnaissance missions in western Poland during World War I, until it is forced to the ground and destroyed during the Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914.

The first successful flying boat in the UK, the Sopwith “Bat Boat” wins the Mortimer-Singer prize for making the required number of alightings on land and water in a specified time.  Interest is shown in the Bat-Boat by the Royal Naval Air Service and an example is subsequently delivered to the Calshot base for evaluation

Society and Culture: In the town of Hungerford in Berkshire, UK, local photographer Albert Parsons follows  and photographs the “Beating of the Bounds”, an ancient custom where parishioners walk the parish boundaries to pass on the knowledge of where the boundaries are to younger generations, and to pray for protection and blessing.

Royal Lancastrian Progress: On the second day of their Royal tour, King George V and Queen Mary visit Preston, St Helens and Blackpool.

Art and Literature: Edgar Rice-Burroughs  completes “The Warlord of Mars” which will be serialized in the “All Story” magazine from December 1913.


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