19th July 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY:  In Queens, New York City:

~ Michael Murphy, NY Police commissioner, 1962-64

~ Edward Thompson, NY Fire commissioner, 1962-64

World Affairs: Kwangtung Province becomes the second region of China in a week to declare its independence.

Science, Arms & Technology: in Britain, the Daily Mail (newspaper) announces that “the oil-age in British history has begun” with the planned arrival of the Super-Dreadnought (battleship) “Queen Elizabeth”,  which will be “the first [class of] Super Dreadnought in the world to be driven wholly by means of oil fuel”. [Daily Mail].

Society & Culture: In the US, “Malinda’s Wedding Day” becomes possibly the world’s first #1 pop song.

Meanwhile, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is a warning that higher taxes are needed to cover the water rates… [Cambridge Chronicle]…

… and in Seattle the headquarters of the “Industrial Workers of the World” is destroyed by rioting drunken sailors reacting to provocative coverage in the local press.


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