26th July 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: In Glasgow, Scotland – Mary O’Rourke, a singer who moved to London aged 17 and became famous by impersonating young boy singers, appearing as “Master Joe Petersen” the Boy Soprano, and also as Master Wilfred Eaton and Michael Dawney.

Women’s Suffrage: At the end of the six week “Woman’s Suffrage Pilgrimage”,an estimated 50,000 women converge on London’s Hyde Park. The press reports the mood as orderly and “as much a demonstration against militancy as one in favour of women’s suffrage. Many bitter things were said of the militant women”. The marchers have walked to London from Newcastle, Carlisle, Lands end in Cornwall and a multitude of towns and cities along the main routes.

World Affairs – another Chinese province – Hunan – declares its independence from the central Chinese state.

Second Balkan War: The Romanian army reaches a point just ten miles short of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, forcing the Bulgarians to sue for peace terms.

Ireland: In Dublin, Ireland – British soldiers fire into a crowd of Irish protesters, killing three and wounding nearly forty others.

Science and society: Now (in 1913) in its sixty ninth year, the journal “Scientific American” shows a cut-away view of a futuristic city, with  “The elevated sidewalk”, explaining “how it will solve city transportation problems. If the real capacity of power-propelled machinery is to be gained in city transportation, foot and vehicular traffic must be segregated. Each type of transport will then be free to develop itself along its own lines”. http://www.magazineart.org/main.php/v/technical/scientificamerican/Scientific+American+1913-07-26.jpg.html


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