30th July 1913 (Wednesday)


~ in Woolwich, London – Lt Col Wingate Charlton, DSC, son of a WWI general, educated art Eton and Sandhurst. Active service in the Middle East and Germany during WW2, decorated for bravery and seriously injured during the Syrian campaign in 1941. Retired from the army in 1962 and later Deputy Lieutenant of Essex and council member of the University of Essex “where, during the ‘swinging sixties’, he proposed (unsuccessfully) that the university should have a pack of beagles and a chapel”.


~ In Boston, Massachusetts – Lieutenant General Herman Nickerson, Jr – DSC, USMC, educated at Arlington and Boston University. Active service in three wars (WW2, Korea and Vietnam), Recognised with many military awards, eventually serving as Commanding General, III Marine Amphibious Force, Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. Retired from the army after 35 years as a Marine in 1970.


World Affairs – Second Balkan War: The warring participants sign an armistice bringing the short and inconclusive war to an end.

Accidents: In Cincinatti, Ohio Odin Johnson, competing in a morotcycle race, loses control of his vehicle and crashes into a light pole which showers spectators with flaming petroleum. Seven spectators die and more are are injured.


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