4th August 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Charlotte Street, Lerwick, Scotland – George “Dodie” Irvine, who died (along with 378 others) on board the aircraft carrier “HMS Dasher”, after a massive explosion in the Firth of Clyde on 27th March 1943. The true cause of the explosion and the location of the mass grave used to dispose of the bodies were covered up by the authorities for nearly 70 years.


Society and Culture: In the state of Maine, USA, “Naked Joe” Knowles stages an early reality entertainment when he strips to his jock-strap and heads off to spend two months in the woodland “wilderness”, regularly leaving bulletins  written on birch bark at pre-arranged locations for journalists.


In Great Dunmow, Essex, England – in the ancient “flitch trial” (which is claimed to date back to the twelfth century) to identify the most harmoniously married of couples, the flitch (side) of bacon is awarded to Littlejohn and Lily Rose Wood from North London and William and Agnes Hewett from York. The Victorians revived the tradition in the mid nineteenth century and the event is now held regularly in each leap year.


Science, technology and transport: the City of Nottingham in England opens its tram service between Nottingham and Ripley. The trams (“the Ripley Rattlers”) will only operate for 20 years, quickly becoming known as the most dangerous tramway in England.


Cinema: In Aston, Birmingham, England the “Globe Electric Palace” cinema opens for business.


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