7th August 1913 (Thursday)


~ in Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Northern Germany – Heinz Lorenz, Hitler’s Deputy Chief Press Secretary during WW2.


~ at Lake Charles, Louisiana – Harold Aloysius Harveson, US Naval Academy graduate (1937), who died on the USS Utah during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, aged 28.


~ in Portugal Cove, St Philips, Newfoundland – Mary Ann Budgen (nee Miller). Happy Centenary, Ma’am!


Empire: In East Africa, the British authorities bring to a close a two month punitive raid against the Didinga tribe, who have been harassing the Dodo, a neighbouring tribe who have previously been disarmed by the British and are therefore no longer able to properly defend themselves against Didinga depredations.


Early flying accidents: On Salisbury Plain, England, Samuel Franklin Cody and his passenger are both killed while testing his latest design – the “Cody Floatplane”. Later, he is buried at Aldershot Military Cemetery, and the funeral procession includes an estimated 100,000 mourners. Previously a flamboyant showman in the US, he was born Samuel Cowdery but changed his name to Cody in his youth. In 1908 he became the first man ever to carry out a powered aeroplane flight in the Britain.




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