9th August 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: at the Hague, in the Netherlands – Eugenius Marius (‘Bob’) Uhlenbeck, Professor of Javanese at the Leiden University.



~ In British Somaliland (now Somalia), at the Battle of Dul Madoba, Richard Corfield and less than 100 members of the Somaliland Camel Constabulary, battle against a force of approximately 2750 Dervish followers of Mohamed Abdullah Hassan. Corfield and 35 others from the British forces, together with 450 from the Dervish army, are killed.


~ At the Peterhof Palace in St Petersburg, His Imperial Majesty Tsar Nicholas II of Russia entertains the French General, Marshal Joseph Joffre with a dinner menu of: turtle soup with sherry (“Anglaise”); chicken consomme; mixed savoury pastries; sturgeon stuffed with truffle slices and baked in champagne; veal dressed with Madeira; cold grouse stuffed with foie-gras; roast capons; poached peaches and “glaces parisienne” (mixed ice-cream and sorbets – including chocolate, pineapple, praline, strawberry and vanilla – shaped into life-like fruits and nuts).


~ In Italy, the Prime Minister receives a telegram from Italy’s foreign minister notifying him that the Austro-Hungarian Empire has communicated its intention to attack Serbia.



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