12th August 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in South Portland, Maine – Rena LaMontagne (nee Simoneau). Happy Centenary, Ma’am!


Also, in East Hanover, New Jersey –  the OREO biscuit.


World Affairs: In Pretoria, South Africa, Generals Smuts and Botha persuade General Koos De La Rey not to meet with the Burghers, who are planning rebellion against the Union of south Africa government.


Ireland: In (London)Derry the traditional annual Orange Order (Protestant) celebrations degenerate into a riot, during which a police officer is shot and the mayor is hit by a stone while trying to assist an english visitor.


Science and technology: The seventeenth International Congress of Medicine in London draws to a close.

Society and Culture: Hamilton, Ontario, marks its centennial celebrations by building “The House That was Built in a Day”.



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