19th August 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: Australian Radio


World Affairs: the Fort Wayne News, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, reports the views of the Macedonian diaspora on the recent Balkan Treaty: “All over the world they are sore over Balkan affair” and “Macedonians of United States pass resolutions condemning recent Balkan treaty”.


Arms Race: HMS Severn (“Javary”) is launched in Britain. Designed by the Vickers Company as a river cruiser she is part of a 3 vessel order for the Brazilian Government which, however, is no longer in a position to pay for the order. To prevent them being bought by others and transferred to German control, the British Royal Navy acquires all three vessels.

http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/humber_class.htm#HMS Severn

Accidents and disasters: In  the Tacubaya district of Mexico City, a train loaded with dynamite explodes, killing almost 100.


Society and culture: At the Albert Bridge in Glasgow, a Mr A. McLaren, aged 64, attempts to kill himself by jumping into the Clyde. WIth difficulty, he is saved by Police Constable J.W.S Campbell, who is later awarded the Royal Human Society Bronze Medal. Mr McLaren’s fate is not recorded. Perhaps he persevered…?




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