27th August 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in the Marshall Islands, in the Northern Pacific – Viella Galvez,  Filipina ballet dancer.


World Affairs: US president Wilson addresses congress regarding the (ongoing) revolution in Mexico, noting that  (in the fourth year of revolution) “war and disorder, devastation and confusion, seem to threaten to become the settled fortune of the distracted country”, urging all American citizens to leave the country “at once”, and stressing his duty to “see to it that neither side to the struggle now going on in Mexico receive any assistance from this side the border. I shall follow the best practice of nations in the matter of neutrality by forbidding the exportation of arms or munitions of war of any kind from the United States to any part of the Republic of Mexico”.


Society and Culture: In Norfolk, Virginia, USA – the Wells Theatre opens for burlesque and vaudeville shows.


Early flight: Russian Lt Pyotr Nestrov becomes the first person to “loop the loop” in an aeroplane.


Accidents: In  Romford, Essex, England – Police Constable  Joseph Watt, aged 32, suffers serious injury while trying to stop a runaway horse in the High Street. He subsequently dies of his injuries on 8th September 1913.



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