29th August 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Krakow, then in Galicia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in Poland) – Jan Ekier, pianist and composer. As he approaches his centenary, his work was being celebrated at the Chopin Festival in Dusznik (also in Poland) earlier this month.



Labour Relations: In Russia, V.I.Lenin publishes his article “Class War in Dublin”, stressing that “the class struggle, which permeates the whole life of capitalist society everywhere, has become accentuated to the point of class war. The police have positively gone wild; drunken policemen assault peaceful workers, break into houses, torment the aged, women and children. Hundreds of workers (over 400) have been injured and two killed—such are the casualties of this war. All prominent workers’ leaders have been arrested. People are thrown into prison for making the most peaceful speeches. The city is like an armed camp”.

Analysing the causes, he concludes that “National [ie British] oppression and Catholic reaction have turned the proletarians of this unhappy country into paupers, the peasants into toilworn, ignorant and dull slaves of the priesthood, and the bourgeoisie into a phalanx, masked by nationalist phrases, of capitalists, of despots over the workers; finally, the administration has been turned into a gang accustomed to every kind of violence.”


CORRECTION: Since the events Lenin is describing did not take place until 31st August (“Bloody Sunday”) it’s reasonable to assume that the 29th August date is in the (“Old Style”) Julian calendar,which was twelve days behind the Gregorian in 1913. Russia did not switch to the Gregorian system until 1918. Or, of course, Lenin may have been even more of a visionary than previously realised…


Accidents & disasters: In Fredericktown, Ohio, the business district is destroyed by a conflagration after a fire takes hold in a clothing store.



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